The Women Engineering Programme

Devoted for providing resources for women in Engineering. The department is dedicated for engaging, encouraging, developing and supporting female students. The programs include Expand Your Horizons; Introduce a Girl to Engineering, Girl’s Engineering Day, and Exploring Careers for Women in Science & Engineering and Hi Tech Technology.

Interfacing with Experts

ASTRAL serves as a link between the students and experts from different streams and walks of life. Experts from academics, industry, social sector and government are frequently invited for close interaction with students. Seminars workshop, symposiums are arranged to keep the faculty and students abreast of the latest developments in the relevant areas of Science and Technology through discussions with other outside experts. Such activities help the faculty and students to update themselves and be aware of the problems and start thinking to get their solutions in real life situations.

The Engineering Mentor Programme

Each student is assigned to a member of the staff who will be his/her advisor. Institute provides a range of services from academic assistance to career planning, scholarships to peer mentoring. The function of the advisor is to guide & counsel the students periodically. The staff advisors effectively establish personal relationship with the students. The EMP helps students understand and accept their capabilities, aptitudes and interests and identify their own motivations and techniques for industry survival.

Monitoring of Students

The Institute tracks the progress of students periodically and suggests corrective remedies. The Institute monitors and keeps a strict vigil on student’s activities by staff maintaining strict discipline. This gives added security to the students. Regular tests, seminars, group discussion, workshops are conducted to keep track of the progress of students.

Network for Educational Differential

The Network for Educational Differential (NED) of the institute will establish the R&D Centre. The Centre would prepare `Data Bank’ of innovative projects and profiles and facilitate transfer of technologies and other premier R&D projects to the industries. It will encourage evolution of technology-driven enterprises by making information available on new & advanced technologies. The centre will handle technology up gradation projects, providing personal counseling to the entrepreneurs, and organizing sector specific technology workshops.

Behavioural Communication and Foreign Language Classes

Behavioural Communication and foreign language Classes remains the additional point of work of the Institute. We have realized that these are an excellent forum to develop the communication skills and presentation of our students. The classes would continue on the same pattern as being followed by the university. Over and above the regular teachers and volunteers, the students would be exposed to different accents as many visiting volunteers belonging to different academic institute and industries would come and spent time with the students.

Community Education Programmes

Astral also contributes to the development of the society and encourage community participation of students through various training workshops, seminars, symposiums, conferences and short-term courses of continuing education.