Interpersonal Skill Development

Students are encouraged to develop creativity, lateral thinking and communication for goal setting exercises, group discussions, mock interviews and presentations.

Technical Skill Development

All students are given a conceptual grounding in core skills and application orientation through real – time projects to ensure their skills are concurrent with market needs.

Business Skill Development

All students are taught essential business skills through industry interaction as well as innovative channels like Technology, Innovative, and Marketing clubs.

Students Advisory Systems

Each student is assigned to a member of the staff who will be his/her advisor. The function of the advisor is to guide & counsel the students periodically. The staff advisors effectively establish friendly relationship with the students.

Regular Meeting Times

Students meet their advisor for 30 minutes a week. This meeting time is set up at the beginning of every semester. Although interacting via email can also help keep moving along, personal meetings are important, if only to report on the rate of progress, problems students are encounter, etc.

Workshops and Seminars

Focused and specialized workshops including those in the emerging areas are organized by Institute to assist innovators and entrepreneurs. There are also programmes aimed at imparting knowledge on innovation and entrepreneurship amongst students and researchers.

Progress Monitor

We periodically provide detailed student progress reports that help students and their families monitor academic performance throughout the year. Students with learning difficulties are supported by the Weak Students Development Program.

Teacher Evaluation

We believe that the students must evaluate teachers they teach. This ensures that there is no discontinuity between the delivery of education and students needs. Each teacher is evaluated on a wide range of parameters that range from expertise in their subject to contribution to campus life.

Student Corner

The Students Welfare Society (SWS) of the Institution enthusiastically looks into the immediate & future needs of its students. Academic, training, placement, project and psychological needs of the students are carefully perceived, planned and implemented by SWS. The society functions under the guidance of a Dean and qualified Training and Placements Officers.