Linkages in Technical Education

Institute will organize sector specific workshops and seminars on

  1. Cost reduction and quality improvement through engineering innovation
  2. Technological excellence
  3. Improving in fatigue life of spring by changing the beatific structure
  4. Improving the efficiency & restructurings of companies

Linkage with Industry

Institute has built up expertise and specialist facilities in a very broad range of Technological, Managerial, and Scientific fields, The expertise and facilities are mainly used to fulfill the primary objectives of research and teaching, however, industrial interaction give special emphasis for close interaction of the faculty and students with industry people, being a prime necessity for technological & Managerial growth.

Linkage with The Community

Getting community leaders involved with technology and educating community members about engineering innovation is among your primary goals, including

  1. Providing information about a specific technology to members of community
  2. Developing a community strategy for innovative trial
  3. Providing people with the tools they need to find out about easy way of living in community
  4. Educating the public about the importance of education

Linkage with Other Technical Institution

Institute is developing student exchange program permitting students to visit Institutions in other countries like Malaysia, Germany, Switzerland, US, also in prestigious institutions of India like IIT’s, IIM’s and NIT. In addition, students from participating Universities and colleges will visit our institute for specific course work or projects. Students can carry out their course work and research in other institute alternatively, under the supervision of a mentor Institute.

Research Based Industrial Consultancy

Industrial Consultancy is provided for faculty and staff of the institute to undertake specific assignments for the Industry, which may include project design, testing and evaluation or even training in new areas of industrial development.